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Whether you have an office, a holiday park, a regular home or a castle, we are 100% confident our service is going to be right for you.

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Our professionally trained clean teams work tirelessly to bring your driveway, patio or park home back to life – check our images.

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Our team mobility and the equipment we run, means that we can turn our hand to pretty much anything – Just ask us and find out.

Some Quick Service FAQ’s

Is there a “best time” to clean and service block paving or a patio using a pressure wash services?

Pressure washing block a paving driveway can be done at any time of year, but before winter makes sense.

This is especially important if you wish to avoid slippery paving once the wet weather arrives in the UK.

You may also consider the spring-time as this is useful for managing the weeds and other nasties that may be trying to come up through your paving.

Likewise it always looks and feels nicer having a summer BBQ on a nicely cleaned area.

Can you clean block paving when it has a sealant applied?

Yes. If your block paving has been treated with a sealant it will be perfectly fine for us to clean.

You will thereafter need to re-apply some sealant after this type of clean.

It depends on how your original was laid (roller or spray for example) and also whether it is an acrylic sealant.

For the most part it’s generally fine and we will always advise you when we provide your free quote, so as to manage any expectations.

Does pressure cleaning patio or driveway paving cause staining?

White blooms on the surface of concrete paving is caused through salt being released. This is known as “efflorescence“.

If your paveing slabs or blockwork is new, cleaning with a pressure washer could release salts from within the concrete so this could be possible.

Salts will often be leached out from the concrete often long before its time to clean the area.

The chances are that you will already have encountered this before any pressure washing has even begun.

It is worth noting that if your paving is old or was laid a considerable time ago, then cleaning will be unlikely to cause efflorescence to permiate the concrete.

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Not just to cope, but to deliver dazzling results every single time.

Our service is hassle free and we will give you visibily far cleaner results than if you were to using a home use type jet washer.

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